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Got a question?

We understand there are a lot of questions when planning your hempcrete project. If you've got a question and the answer isn't here, please reach out using the contact form and one of the team will be in touch with you.

How much does GEOBIND cost?

1 metric tonne costs $2,499 (NZD) +GST. We may, at our discretion, sell in 18kg bags for smaller orders, in which case the cost per bag will be $45(NZD) +GST. Shipping costs are not included. 

Geobind is cheaper than imported binders. Current (9/23) costings show that Geobind is less expensive than the alternatives.

For orders over 10t we may negotiate a discount. Customers who commit to high volumes will be given a wholesale rate. Fill in the order form using the ORDER button on the header and we will be in touch.


What is the R-Value of hempcrete made from Geobind?

The R Value for in-situ / hand-placed builds will be comparable to the other binders on the market.


What are the results of fire rating tests?

The BRANZ tests are scheduled for November 2023. Thorough testing has been done in the lab and in the workshop. Geobind hempcrete was tested for 60 minutes at 1000 degrees Celsius and showed zero smoke and zero flame spread.


How much will I need?

The ratio of hemp hurd to binder is 1:2 by weight.


Where can I buy my hemp hurd? 

In New Zealand, try New Zealand Natural Fibres or Hemp Central.


How much will shipping cost?

We recommend that you get a few quotes and choose your favourite. Once you've chosen a carrier, we will work with you to arrange for your goods to be picked up. 


This is a new binder, will my Council approve the plans?

Plans using our binder have been accepted by New Zealand Councils with 100% success rate. If you'd like to engage a specialist to help you with your local Council, please let us know and we'll be happy to make an introduction.


This is a magnesium based, 100% mineral binder. Will it perform the same as lime binders?

Yes, or better. Through extensive testing we have proven that Geobind performance is either better or the same on all metrics, as lime-based binders. It's also non-caustic, so the installer only requires standard PPE.


Can we make bricks, blocks and panels with Geobind? 

Yes! Geobind hempcrete is faster, stronger, thinner and safer than hempcrete made with other binders. This makes it a great fit for the development of prefabricated materials. It's also durable and has excellent compressive strength, so if you want to make transportable homes, you should definitely reach out to us for a one on one call with Doug. 

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