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Rockstead Geobind is a Kiwi-made bioaggregate mineral binder, which makes hempcrete stronger, faster, safer and thinner.

With Geobind, hempcrete has new opportunities for carbon-zero prefabricated products, at lower cost. 


Building for the future

A world first in green construction, made in New Zealand.


A New Innovation

GEOBIND is a blended mineral-based bio aggregate binder developed in New Zealand for climate positive buildings.


Through rigorous lab testing with Callaghan Innovation, GEOBIND is proven to make hempcrete that excels in strength, stretch, durability, carbon sequestration with faster set strength, when compared to alternatives on the market today.

The Vision

Decarbonising the construction industry, through durable buildings that are healthy, energy efficient places to live and work. 

GEOBIND presents a global opportunity to create seismic resilient blocks and panels that offset carbon emissions.

R&D is underway, to develop a wider range of applications for GEOBIND.

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The Company

GEOBIND Limited is a New Zealand owned & operated business, developed and directed by Doug Sturrock of Rockstead Construction Kerikeri.

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